The Evasight Business B2B is the most effective performance review for businesses. Designed to be simple and sophisticated, it delivers a seamless experience for your clients, while providing you with rich insights into what your business needs to do next.

How it all works:

  • Rank All participants prioritize 5 key values specific to the client service, by ranking them in order of importance to them.
  • Rate Move beyond numerical ratings and use qualitative feedback to assess performance, ranging from Bad to Great, capturing nuanced feedback from stakeholders.
  • Respond Provide concise feedback using our STOP, START, and CONTINUE framework, empowering you to drive meaningful improvements in your client service delivery.
    Elevate your client service performance by capturing the thoughts of your stakeholders. Try it now and unlock the potential for exceptional client service excellence.
With Evasight’s exclusive algorithm, every response is weighted based on importance to the client. This is then combined with the results from the 360-degree review to deliver an overall performance score for that business.
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The Outcomes:

  • Actionable Insights: Gain powerful data-driven feedback for informed decision-making & actions.
  • Tailored Approaches: Understand client priorities for enhanced customized service delivery.
  • Opportunities for Growth: Identify areas for service improvement and growth before the next auto generated

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